About Us

Workmed is an Occupational Health Services company in the heart of the Pretoria, Rosslyn Industrial environment. We render services to companies who need occupational medical examinations for their employees in our walk-in facilities at our various branches. We perform full physical examinations including height, weight, urine testing, blood pressure, lung function (Spirometry test), Audiometric test (hearing) and vision screening. We offer a holistic outsourced service, resulting in cost effective deployment of occupational health services. A single responsible service provider with access to specialised skills, typical to onsite medical facilities. 

Our Mission

  • To strive for client satisfaction by supplying a high-quality service that is legal compliant, cost effective, and unique in the market.
  •  To create and offer an innovative and complete product range as required by client demand.
  •  To constantly communicate and manage matters proactively.
  •  To improve the economic well-being and quality of life of all stakeholders.
  •  To continually work toward offering a better service and up-to-date products.
  •  To serve our internal and external stakeholders professionally and enthusiastically.

Our Vision 

  • To integrate into our business practices a comprehensive health and safety management system, which ensures management accountability.
  • To focus the programme on eliminating or minimizing personal, financial and environmental risks to business, employees and persons not employees but who may be directly affected by the activities of the business. 
  • To attain the highest possible degree of physical and mental welfare of all our employees through active intervention and preventative programmes
  • To strive for personal commitment to the programme at all levels of the company through training and encouraging the active participation of employees in addressing health and safety issues.
  • To audit company health and safety performance on a regular basis, introducing corrective and preventative actions where necessary