Our Services

 In today's highly competitive business environment, competence and compliance are key to the success of any company. Focusing on your core business activities is vital and outsourcing other aspects to experts in their respective business field makes business sense.  

Through our specialised products and services, we offer tangible benefits and peace of mind to the employer, a safe healthy working environment for employees whilst simultaneously achieving legal compliance and encouraging corporate and social responsibility.

Our comprehensive services contribute to the reduction of absenteeism within the work environment leading to an increase in productivity and enhancing your bottom line.

Services we offer: 

  • Medical Assessments (entry, periodical and exit)
  • IOD’s and reporting
  • Occupational Healthcare
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Urine Analysis 
  • Vision Screening 
  • Audiometry Testing 
  • Lung Function Testing 
  • HIV Test 
  • Essential First Aid Products 
  • Certificates of fitness to work 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Rand Mutual Assurance assistance / Compensation Commissioner Claims assistance 
  • On-site Medical Surveillance 

Employees enjoy the security and comfort of working within a healthy, safe and responsible environment, contributing to a stronger corporate and social culture.  Habits and skills learned within this environment are also carried into their communities promoting healthier, safe and hygienic personal lifestyles, and a better society. 

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